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Tom has over 15 years experience in the Martial Arts.  He began boxing training in his home country of Poland when he was 12.  After two years, a friend introduced him to kickboxing which soon turned into a life long passion.  At the age of 20, Tom moved to London where he continued his sporty lifestyle by enrolling at his local PKA(Profesional Kickboxing Association) gym. Over the years he has trained under some brilliant coaches at various clubs (London Shootfighters, Boxing Legends, School of Masters, just to name a few) where he developed and mastered techniques and skills which lead to his proudest sporting acheivement, his Black Belt 1st Dan.  After completing several coaching courses he also became a fully qualified instructor and opened his own kickboxing class in London, which he then moved to Jersey.  


Tom competes at the highest level in both National and International competitions, collecting many accolades in the process such as 1st place at the TYGA Karate & Kickboxing World Championships, Gold two years running at the PKA National Tournament, first place at the CIMAC Superleague Open Tournament, WAKO Full Contact British Title 2013, Silver in the Austrian Classics World Cup Tournament 2013 in Full Contact and most recentely Silver medal in the WKA K1 British Open 2015.

His status in competitive Kickboxing has earned him a place in the GB Kickboxing Squad so when he isn't teaching in the gym or at a competition, he's training under the best coaches in the country. Tom is also studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training to better understand and help his students to achieve whatever their goal is.


"Kickboxing is a massive part of my life and passing on the knowledge I've gained to my students is really rewarding.  I hope to encourage my students to learn and progress as I did and continue to do.  You never stop learning!"




Lukasz Wawrzyczek


Lucas Pro Boxing Coach is now based at Jersey Warriors.