Jersey Warriors Kickboxing Club was founded in 2011 in St John's, Jersey.  

It is run by dedicated instructors who want nothing other than to share their passion for martial arts with the local community.

We offer varying sessions including BOXING (non-contact pad work, semi, light, full contact) KICKBOXING and K1 as well as fitness training and self defense.


Jersey Warriors sessions demonstrate a style of kickboxing & boxing which focuses on speed, agility, flexibility and technique rather than brute force and heavy sparring bouts.  We offer lots of other ways to test and challenge you both physically and mentally - you will be mentored and encouraged to progress at your own rate, having fun, getting fit and toning up at the same time whilst gaining confidence.


We have a range of students training with us, varying from individuals who come for fun and fitness to those who have progressed up to competition level and are in our fighting squad.